Premium Craft Vodka (750ml)

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Solar Spirits distillery uses renewable solar energy to reduce our environmental footprint and is developing new technologies to extend the application of solar energy to distillation. Our Original Premium Vodka is made from 100% soft-white wheat grown just north of Pasco, Washington by Pierret Inc., a fourth generation family farm.

We create our vodka using a fusion of artisan methods and advanced technology we call “Craft-Tech.” Our vodka begins with a mash and fermentation process designed to optimize the use of solar heated water. This process provides the consistent alcohol base with minimal flavors that is required to create high quality vodka. We distill this spirit using a multi-stage bubble-cap column to produce a clean spirit with a smooth taste.

Solar Spirits Original Premium Vodka is an excellent choice for the purist enjoying their spirit chilled and straight, but also provides the perfect base for the consumer seeking an exceptional cocktail, such as a Bloody Mary or mule!


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